Sunday, November 12, 2017

Best Opioid Websites

- website with links to wide range of resources

Opioid Doc APP
- APP with useful information in mobile access

Youra Media
- links to websites on pain and addiction

Youra Health
- website with links to medical services in USA

Dr Rotchford Clinic
- national leader in treating pain and addiction

Dr Rotchford Physician
- doctor on "cutting edge" in opioid treatment solutions

Handouts by Dr Rotchford
- 50+ articles by Dr. Rotchford on Pain and Addiction

- compendium of writings by Dr. Kimber Rotchford on Opioid Epidemic

War On Brains
- critique of modern-day Opium War in USA

Health Care Is a Pain
- satirical website on health care vs. pain care

It Is Not the Drug
- the drug does not cause the epidemic. You do

Dr Braino
- caricature spokesman for solutions to the opioid epidemic

Overdose APP
- steps one, two, three to counteract opioid overdoses

Youra Store
- line of products to assist treatment and recovery

Books on Pain
- books, handouts on pain and addiction topics